Rodborough Mobile Bar 1300x650x1300

Rodborough Mobile Bar 1300x650x1300

he Rodborough Mobile Bar 1300x650x1300 is a premium mobile bar. We have designed and built the Rodborough robustly with style for everyday use. It can serve both as party or cocktail bar or more formally at a wedding or high class event.

It accommodates a fridge on one side and adjustable shelving on the other with ample space for glasses, bottle and other barware. The two level bars work to support a busy bartender and offer drinks at a considerate height for clientele. The added height helps to secure all the bartenders paraphernalia behind the scenes. This maintains its clean lines and timeless look and feel.

We have constructed the bar from solid wood with the panels finished in a contemporary Amberley Grey balanced with a classic lacquered finish to the solid oak stain bar tops. It is easily manoeuvred on the finest quality casters of which two are braked.


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